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April Meeting Notes

We were happy to welcome Kristin Southam from Butte County RWF as our guest speaker. Kirstin talked about membership growth; sharing some of the strategies her club employs to invite and engage newcomers. Thank you, Kristin! Please come back any time.


We were given an update on the plans for the TCRWF entry in the upcoming Round-up Parade on Saturday, April 20th. Our entry will consist of three vehicles - one red, one white, and one blue. In keeping with the overall parade theme of "Timber Tales & Rodeo Trails", our entry will be: "On the RIGHT Trail".


Legislative Update:

  1. SB 1013 Housing: Property Tax Relief - Grant Program. This bill would establish the Property Tax Assistance for Descendants of Enslaved Persons Program for purposes of making, upon appropriation by the Legislature, grants available to persons who currently live in a formerly redlined neighborhood in the state and are descendants of a person enslaved in the United States.

  2. A "CALL TO ACTION" was sounded regarding the Laken Riley Act HR 7511 & S.3933.

Laken Riley Act: This bill requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to detain until they are removed, certain non U.S. nationals (aliens under federal law) who have been arrested for burglary, theft, larceny, or shoplifting. It also authorizes states to sue the federal government for decisions or alleged failures related to immigration enforcement.

The Laken Riley Act passed the House on Marcy 7, 2024. The Laken Riley act currently sits in the Senate - it was read a second time on March 11th.

On March 12, 2024, Senator Katie Brit introduced {S.3933}, the Senate companion to The Laken Riley Act, which has been cosponsored by 45 of her Senate colleagues. Please contact your Senator and ask for their support and passage of this bill.


A recap was given regarding Bank Your Vote = Get Out The Vote and Ballot Collection. It is important that we get every vote counted. That means not leaving voting up to chance or weather conditions by waiting until Election Day. We will be discussing this more in the upcoming months.


There was some discussion about the upcoming Tehama County Fair. We are in need of a volunteer to be the Fair Coordinator to work with the Central Committee Coordinator - to communicate regarding the schedule and to recruit help to set-up, staff, and take down the booth.


We quickly discussed a TCRWF Adopt-A-Serviceman Program. We have identified a serviceman to support throughout his deployment. If you would like to help, please bring small snack items to include in the first care package we will be sending him to commemorate National Military Appreciation Month (May) to our May meeting. We will be signing letters and cards of support for our Senior Airman and his wife.


Our May meeting (May 14, 2024) will be devoted to the Red, White & Blue Dinner taking place on Saturday June 8. Please bring clipboards and baskets to be used for the dinner. Your clipboards will be returned to you after June 8. If you don't have your tickets yet, you might want to make those purchases before the end of April. Ticket prices will be going up on May 1. This is an event you will not want to miss!!

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